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Telephone research

Surveys • In-Depth Interviews • Respondent Recruitment

At Silver Dialogue our telephone surveys are conducted using computer aided state of the art telephone interviewing systems. All our projects are undertaken by experienced, supervised interviewers. Clients can have remote access to our bespoke software which shows on a real-time basis the outcome of each call and provides the ability to listen in to live calls. In addition, where respondent permission allows, calls can be recorded. We are also the UK supplier of the hosted call cloud technology which we use - see Call Cloud to find out more.

Experienced team

We pride ourselves on having a team that is experienced in a variety of questioning techniques including closed-question (i.e. tick box) surveying but also in eliciting more in-depth open responses using qualitative questioning skills. Our interviewers and recruiters know how to engage with people from all walks of life. We cover a wide range of projects and our team is just as capable and confident at interviewing or recruiting business leaders and organisational employees as they are with the general public and consumers. Our interviewers follow a training programme and our senior interviewers also use telephone methods to recruit participants for research projects requiring focus groups and workshops.

Quality input with quality output

Our quality control management system guarantees that a project supervisor listens live to 5% or 10% of the calls made, the actual number depending on the requirements of each client. All content inputted by our interviewers, including typed comments are checked and edited by a research manager. For telephone projects we can use client supplied lists (subject to data protection requirements) or purchased telephone contact lists. Purchased lists can be tailor made specifically to target people with particular demographics such as those living within post code areas or within a certain age range. Sometimes more specific details such as whether they are charity supporters or specific newspaper readers can be used to construct suitable contact lists.

Training and supervision of staff and volunteers to undertake surveys for their organisations

We also provide interview skills training, either by face to face or online to virtual teams. This has proved popular for organisations wanting to involve their staff and/or volunteers in the research process. We can also provide supervision and project management services for staff and volunteer interviewing teams.




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