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Online research

Online Surveys • Social Media Research • Online Focus Groups

Engage your audience and receive a greater depth of insight! At Silver Dialogue we combine skills in creative web design with survey research expertise and Hey Presto, the result equals our online graphical interface surveys with questions designed for users to interact with. The term 'gamification' has also been used to describe surveys of this type. This leads to greater involvement of the user with the survey and leads to more reliable, more thoughtful results gleaned from your audience.

Simple DIY surveys versus more complex surveys

If it's a basic online survey interface that you require then there are a lot of DIY online survey tools available for you to use - just do a Google search for 'online survey software'. If however, you require to engage your audience with a more complex survey design, with filtering and interactive questions and images then please do get in touch with us. CONTACT US »

For an idea of the type of questions that are made possible with graphical control surveys please take a look at our example survey covering green consumer issues, this was designed as a prototype survey and tested with a representative audience of UK adults. TRY SURVEY »

Gamification Surveys & Graphical Control Questions

We believe in making research as engaging as possible for our participants so we've undertaken studies to find out how to make web surveys more interactive. We've found that we can increase user motivation, involvement and depth and accuracy of response. It's also good to see that others in the research industry are spreading the good news about our research studies. LINK »

There is a place in the research tool kit for short, rapid, DIY survey questions fired at online panels and social media users however there is also a place for more in-depth, engaging surveys.

For advice on avoiding pitfalls in survey design and methodology we recommend taking a look at the Brand Republic Insight Paper which Silver Dialogue contributed to - Gathering customer feedback: The 7 most common mistakes and how to avoid them. LINK »

“The difference between a quick question on Google Surveys and a more refined tool allowing for routing of questions and advanced analytics is like the difference between a ring tone and a live gig,” says Dr Nicola Stanley, director of engagement at agency Silver Dialogue and a former researcher at Unilever. “There’s a need for both, but they are worlds apart.”



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