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Snap Survey Software

Engaging with people in a range of ways

We are a marketing research and communications consultancy with experience in consumer brands, customer satisfaction, internal and external corporate communications and insight generation. This means that the results we collect are relevant and that our recommendations are insightful and can be quickly applied by our clients.

The technology that underpins our multi-mode operations is SNAP software. This is used by our researchers in conducting surveys using handheld tablets and whilst computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI). It is also used when our participants self-complete surveys either online or through social media using smartphones. We are a Research Partner of Snap Surveys and work closely with them to further develop capabilities. For our customers looking for system compatibility, SNAP software is Triple-S compliant and can export data for further analysis via a number of formats, including SPSS.

Mixed research methods

Silver Dialogue offers tailored services and unique capabilities including:

Silver Dial - telephone interviewing of consumers, citizens and businesses. A team of specialist research interviewers use computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) to ensure personalised, engaging surveys and fast turnaround times.

Silver Net - exciting and engaging surveys that are designed to make the most of the interactivity of the web. Consumer panels have found our graphical control surveys to be more engaging than traditional standard web surveys.

Silver Birch - creative qualitative research to grow new insights. The management and facilitation of face-to-face focus groups and workshops and on-line discussion forums and bulletin boards.

Silver Facet - training and supervising staff and volunteers to undertake face to face and telephone surveys for their own organisations.

Silver Connect - face to face surveys in streets and in stores. The optional use of a mobile viewing facility for group discussions and self-completion kiosk surveys with interviewers on-hand to help.

Silver Tongue - the writing and production of engaging corporate communications for key stakeholders including investors, suppliers and the public.

Silver Community - dial-a-community to invite members of a local area or supporters or customers to take part in live telephone debates and to contribute their opinions if they so wish - similar to a radio show broadcast.


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