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Silver Dialogue - About Us

Harnessing The Power of People

Welcome to Silver Dialogue – we deliver creative, flexible, innovative and robust solutions to understanding people. We conduct valuable, reflective and penetrative dialogue with the people that can build your brand, your business and your organisation.

Silver Dialogue’s talented team of researchers explore and interpret people’s perceptions, attitudes, motivations and behaviours.

We help our clients view their own business, their services, their products and their brands through the eyes and experiences of the people that matter to the success of their organisations. These insights help our clients to prioritise attention and target budgets towards important improvements and innovations – saving themselves money and time by avoiding wasted efforts.

We integrate research and communications techniques to engage people from all walks of life. The types of people that we find, connect with, and research, are company or organisational stakeholders including customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, volunteers, members, fans or visitors.

Based on the results of the research we undertake, we recommend and facilitate programmes of change and innovation strategies for our clients.

The approaches we take include: face to face methods such as interviews, surveys and focus groups, specialist telephone research including in-depth interviews or shorter surveys and online surveys. As well as employing a specialist team of face to face and telephone interviewers we also provide training and supervision for staff and volunteers of other organisations.

The professional body which develops codes of conduct for Market Research is the Market Research Society (MRS) and Silver Dialogue is an MRS Company Partner. All MRS Company Partners and their employees agree to adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and MRS Company Partner Quality Commitment whilst undertaking research. We also have affiliations with other professional organisations including: the Association for Qualitative Research (AQR), the Social Research Association (SRA) and the Association for Survey Computing (ASC).

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