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Silver Dialogue - Expert engagement, deeper understanding

Harnessing The Power of People

Welcome to Silver Dialogue. We are experts in applying research techniques such as consultation, dialogue and engagement to help organisations form improved relationships with their customers, the public and other key stakeholders. Approaches we use are face-to-face, by telephone, on social media, online and in print. We conduct surveys, in-depth interviews and facilitate focus group discussions and interactive workshops. We are especially known for eliciting deep insights when interviewing and for building empathy with so called 'harder to reach' target groups. We have over a decade of experience engaging with both 'business to business' and 'business to consumer' audiences.

Privacy, GDPR & Participating in research studies

Find out about how we protect your privacy and your information when you use this web site and when taking part in one of our research studies.



Privacy, trust & disclosure in social media

Are people becoming careless with adding their private information and opinions online and if so, what are the implications for undertaking market & social research using social media? Silver Dialogue's Director of Engagement, Dr Nicola Stanley, presented our research into this topic at the Social Media in Social Research Conference.



Word clouds in research - love them or hate them?

Opinions are often divided about word clouds and their use to analyse and communicate research studies. We have experimented extensively with the technology and application of word clouds and we believe that they are an essential part of the research tool-kit - we love them!



Designing web surveys to engage users

We believe in making research as engaging as possible for our participants so we've undertaken studies to find out how to make web surveys more interactive. We've found that we can increase respondent motivation using 'gamification' style questions. It's also great to see that others in the research industry are spreading the good news about our research.


Seeking rewarding and flexible work

Thank you for your interest, however, we do not currently have any vacancies.

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"Silver Dialogue certainly hit the mark for providing high quality research. They were recommended as good but surpassed my expectations."
Community consultation – children’s services - senior local authority manager READ MORE »









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